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COVID-19 outbreak: From 2021-08-09 all areas of Scotland have moved "beyond level 0" in the a strategic framework released on 2021-06-22. Most legal restrictions on our activities have ended and we have increased our minibus capacity to allow for more volunteers without their own transport to come on task.

Please look at the task list page to see the programme and the remaining requirements upon volunteers to help suppress the virus.

Sponge Pudding with chocolate sauce.

Summer or winter, chocolate pudding is always a treat. Used with success on Lewis and Ben Lawers resis. [More]

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

A British classic. Both tasty and highly calorific! [More]

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Split-pea and paneer biryani with tomato raita and aloo paratha

A mighty meal of rice, vegetables, pulses and cheese. [More]

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Provencal Vegetable Pie

This is a dish of three parts comprising a vegetable filling in a tomato sauce covered with a french bread topping. [More]

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Jamaican Black Bean Pot

A nourishing casserole of beans and veg with a Creole kick. [More]

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Apple Pie

A favourite that needs no introduction. [More]

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