Leading LCV tasks

The job of a task leader gets much easier with practice, but it can be a bit daunting the first few times.

LCV has agreed a set of Responsibilities of a leader. In order of decreasing priority these are:

  1. Look after yourself.
  2. Ensure the volunteers have a safe day: care for them from when we pick them up to when we drop them off.
  3. Protect the public during and after the task
  4. Give the client what they want: make sure that they are getting what they paid for
  5. Look after new volunteers: be welcoming and considerate and involve them in the group.
  6. Ensure the volunteers have an enjoyable day: worked hard (but not too hard!), fed and watered appropriately and kept informed and engaged
  7. Ensure that our involvement in the task is worthwhile: that it fits with our objectives and "has a point"
  8. Communicate with and educate volunteers and the public

This document:

Before you lead a task, it's important to be familiar with LCV's procedures for task leading:

If you have any queries or would like any further information then ask the Co-ordinator.