About membership

COVID-19 outbreak: On 2021-05-11 the Scottish Government released an update to the Coronavirus restrictions in force. The relaxation of restrictions is proceeding according to plan and indicates the general level of risk is acceptable. Our tasks in the Edinburgh area resumed in April and we are undertaking tasks elsewhere as well.

Therefore our task programme to the end of June will continue. Hope to see you on task soon.

The LCV trustees' view is that LCV, a registered charity provides "voluntary and charitable services" and "an organised [outdoor] activity". These activities are expressly permitted in the relevant legislation. We may adopt other measures (e.g. restricting numbers) where it is appropriate to do so for the safety of our clients and volunteers.

Members of LCV are people who have been on one of our practical tasks in the last year or who have requested that their membership be continued.

If you are a member of LCV then you must act in the interests of LCV, and seek, in good faith, to ensure that LCV acts in a manner which is consistent with its charitable purposes as described in the constitution.

If you no longer wish to be involved with LCV and no longer wish to come on tasks then you may withdraw from membership at any time by notifying the Membership Secretary

For more information on membership, you may wish to read our constitution.