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More information for Under 18s

If you are under 18 and are interested in being a conservation volunteer, then LCV may not be your best option as we don't specialise in working with Under 18s. Don't worry though, there are several groups who offer excellent opportunities locally including:

Local councils, ranger services, nature reserves and similar sites also frequently offer opportunities for Under 18s and their families to visit sites and get involved on an occasional basis. These may be advertised locally on posters on the site or online.

Volunteering with us on day tasks

If none of these options suit you and you are aged 16 or 17 and you would like to come out with LCV on one of our day tasks then you will be welcome and can book in the normal way, but please mention that you are under 18 when you book.

Residential tasks

LCV cannot take you on a residential task until you are 18 and have been on at least one day task.

More information for Groups

LCV does not run special tasks for groups. We also cannot accept group bookings on our regular tasks. This is because if we have too many new volunteers on any one day it can get hard for us to keep everyone safe and happy. As a small volunteer-led charity we do not have the resources to provide a good group experience.

We do encourage everyone to get involved with conservation work and so if you would like some suggestions for other organisations which do arrange activities for groups then we suggest you contact Volunteer Scotland who will be able to help you find suitable volunteering opportunities.

In addition, the following organisations may be able to help with group volunteering opportunities:

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