Our Funding

Our Funding

Sources of income

LCV is run entirely by volunteers, so our operating costs are small. However, we do need to meet the expenses of the group, including owning our minibus, maintaining and replacing our tools, recruiting new volunteers, and administration.

We charge our clients modest expenses for our work. As of January 2018 these comprise a mileage charge of £0.65/mile and £5.50 per volunteer per day. For residential tasks, the client usually pays for bunkhouse accomodation too.

We carry out our own fundraising work to raise money for specific projects when necessary.

More Information

The following information about LCV can be found in the LCV documents section of our site .

In addition, our newsletter The Puggled Mucker may carry information about the funding we recieve (amongst other things).

As a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, we are required to file certain information with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). You can go directly to our records, or simply search the OSCR site for charity number SC020384.

Organisations providing funding

LCV has recieved funding from the following organisations:

SWT logo Scottish Wildlife Trust Lothians Member Centre 2021 - donation for minibus replacement
SWT logo Scottish Wildlife Trust Lothians Member Centre Annual work agreement which covers the work we undertook on SWT reserves (until April 2018)
Asda Community Life 2017 - "Chosen by you, given by us" donation
Stafford Trust 2016 - Funding for MiDAS training
SNH logo Scottish Natural Heritage Annual grant for running costs (until 2015)
Foundation Scotland 2015 - Funding for First Aid training
Waitrose 2014, 2015, 2017, 2020 - Community Matters donation
Royal Bank of Scotland 2014 - Funding for D1 Training
Sinclair Knight Merz 2012, Funding for D1 training
Voluntary Action Fund 2011, Funding for D1 training
News International 2008, Funding for minibus replacement