LCV Committee Posts

COVID-19 outbreak: From 2021-08-09 all areas of Scotland have moved "beyond level 0" in the a strategic framework released on 2021-06-22. Most legal restrictions on our activities have ended and we have increased our minibus capacity to allow for more volunteers without their own transport to come on task.

Please look at the task list page to see the programme and the remaining requirements upon volunteers to help suppress the virus.

Committee Post Email Incumbent
Co-ordinator Willie McSporran (chair)
Task organiser Matt McCabe
Treasurer David Nutter
Newsletter Editor Aurelie Brousse
Leader/Driver Organiser Jackie Howlett
Transport Debbie Tribak
Publicity Laura Marsh
Membership Secretary Greg Parker (secretary)
Webmaster David Nutter
Minibus manager Trevor Paterson
Toolshed Manager Edith Lendak
Fundraising Officer Niamh Ni Nagy
Training Organiser Position vacant
Social Media content creator Katie Koehler
Trustee (50th Anniversary) Sarah McConachie
Trustee (50th Anniversary) Edel Sheridan

This page lists all the officers who normally make up our committee, and describes what each job involves.

The length of a description for a particular job is no reflection of the importance of that job to LCV. Instead it shows how many different tasks the job involves.


The Co-ordinator bears overall responsibility for the smooth running of the group.

Monthly meetings


Record keeping

Task leaders and drivers

Development of new volunteers


Management of LCV

Health and Safety

Toolshed keys


The Fundraiser attempts to maximise the income that LCV receives from sources other than clients.

Grant applications

Other fundraising events

Leader/Driver Organiser

The leader/driver organiser is responsible for finding a leader, driver and catering manager (where required) for each task.

Task leaders and drivers

Maintain a list of leaders / drivers

Maintain a list of keyholders

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary collates and maintains details of all trustees, members and clients of LCV and provides information to the other committee members regularly and to OSCR if they request it.

Task Sheets


Communicating with volunteers

Invoicing information

Committee reporting

Address lists and mailing labels

At the end of each quarter the Membership Secretary should:

Annual reporting information

Trustee register and Data Protection


Minibus Manager

The Minibus Manager should aim to meet, or exceed, all the 'best practice' recommendations made by the Community Transport Association for small bus operation.

Record keeping

Driver training and registration

Legal requirements

Maintenance and inspections

Rescue organisations


Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor compiles and prints the LCV Newsletter (the Puggled Mucker)


Producing the newsletter

Publicity Organiser

The Publicity Organiser works with members of LCV to publicise the group.

Identifying requirements for publicity

Create publicity materials

Attend publicity events

Social Media content creator

The Social Media content creator works with the Publicity Officer and the members of LCV to publicise the group, focusing on our social media presence

Task Organiser

The Task Organiser works with clients and members of LCV to arrange the annual programme of tasks.

Identifying requirements for tasks

Drawing up task programme

Tools Officer

The Tools Officer looks after LCV's toolshed and the tools it contains.

Toolshed maintenance

Obtaining new tools

Maintaining tools

Health and safety

Toolshed keys

Training Organiser

The Training Organiser arranges training courses for members of LCV.

Identifying training needs

Arranging training courses

Transport Secretary

The Transport Secretary takes bookings for tasks and tells the task leader who will be coming.

Task bookings


The Treasurer maintains LCV's financial records, and ensures that LCV remains in good financial health.

Financial management

Income and expenditure

Book-keeping and accounts


The Webmaster looks after the LCV website and e-mail facilities.

Domain administration

Mail administration

LCV news administration

Website administration

Website publishing

Website design