About Residential Tasks

If you have been on a day task with us already and are over 18 then you can also come on our residential tasks. Residentials are broadly similar to day tasks but they allow us the opportunity to undertake larger tasks further from Edinburgh. They also give us the chance to visit some really special sites including some of Scotland's National Nature Reserves. LCV run two kinds of residential - weekends away to work on Saturday and Sunday and, usually, a week long summer residential.

We leave Edinburgh the evening before the first work day and usually take in a chip shop on the way. Arrival is generally quite late, but in time for everyone to settle in and get plenty of rest. Accommodation is usually bunkhouse style but we can give you precise details in advance.

For a weekend residential we work the Saturday and Sunday and then head home on Sunday night so as to be back in Edinburgh no later than around 10:00 pm. For longer residentials we usually taken some time off so that we can take in some of the local sights and head back on the day after the last work day.

All meals are provided (other than those on the trip up and the trip back). The food is usually vegetarian and quantities are generous. Help with cooking is appreciated and you will be asked to make a contribution towards food costs at the end of the trip. This generally works out at around £5 to £10 per day.

Where to meet

Meet on the north side of St Andrew Square at 7.30 pm on Friday night, unless otherwise stated in the Task Programme. For directions to St Andrew Square, look on our map page.

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

What to bring

You will need:

Please make sure that your tetanus vaccination is up to date before coming on task with us.

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