Residential Reports

Taynish and Mhoine Mhor 10th-15th June 2018

16/07/2018 Posted by

After a glorious spell of May weather, hopes were high for our June residential in (sometimes) sunny Argyll. Especially as last year it didn't rain once! As before, tasks on the menu included control of bracken on the hills of the Taynish peninsula to allow better control of the deer population, and the removal of birch scrub from the Mhoine Mhor bog to reduce the level of water loss. [More]

Carsegowan Moss and Carstramon Wood 9th-11th February 2018

29/05/2018 Posted by

Our customary late winter residential was held once again in Dumfries and Galloway, funded by the LCV reserve development funds. The task was to remove birch scrub from the Carsegowan Moss and beech saplings from Carstramon Wood. [More]

Carsegowan Moss Residential Oct 13-15 2017

18/10/2017 Posted by

Eight of us set off from Edinburgh on Friday destined for Galloway. After our customary stop in Moffat for deep-fried dinners we arrived at the well-equipped Stronord Outdoor Centre near Newton Stewart. [More]

Two for One - Carsegowan Moss and Carstramon Wood Residential 28 - 30 October 2016

17/12/2016 Posted by

Heading for the picturesque Stronord Old Schoolhouse outdoor activity centre 5 miles from Newton Stewart we travelled down on Friday evening. David Nutter was our well organised leader and caterer; Sarah McConachie, Willie and myself were sharing the driving. In the minibus were also Louisa, Edel and Bruno. Pete Carthy joined us at the centre. It was a long drive and we stopped off for chips etc. in Moffat. This very southern bit of Scotland feels properly wild and remote. LCV and I had been to both sites before and I was looking forward to continuing the work to preserve both very special sites. [More]

Taynish residential 7th-15th August 2016

22/09/2016 Posted by

Baulking at the thought of spending all of August in Edinburgh, LCV headed, once again, to Argyll for a week's residential task courtesy of Scottish Natural Heritage at the Taynish and Mhoine Mhor NNRs. LCV have been frequent visitors to these two sites over the years and have undertaken various tasks including birch pulling, fence construction and gorse control. While a privilege in itself to visit such a magical part of the world we've also been wowed by the sight of the Knapdale beavers in their new habitat and various other wildlife going about its business. [More]