COVID-19 infection mitigation rules for LCV Minibus

COVID-19 outbreak: Our task programme is still running. Please keep checking the task list page for updates.

On 2020-11-17 the Scottish Government updated the protection levels (tiers) assigned to various areas of the country as part of the strategic framework for control of coronavirus in Scotland. Edinburgh remains in tier 3. The restrictions in tier 3 continue to allow us to run tasks outdoors.

The LCV trustees' view is that LCV, a registered charity, operates "organised outdoor activities" for those over the age of 18 and furthermore provides "voluntary and charitable services". These activities are expressly permitted in the relevant legislation.

The travel guidance and the relevant law also contains an exception to allow for "travel for work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, but only where that cannot be done from your home".

Any decision to travel to our tasks must always be made by each individual volunteer, with regard to their own personal circumstances and taking into account any other relevant government guidance. Police Scotland have indicated they will be enforcing the travel restrictions from Friday 20th November so volunteers should also prepare themselves to explain the reason for their journey when traveling to tasks.


Volunteers should ideally meet LCV on site before each task as this maintains effective social distancing. However, we believe that we can resume limited use of our minibus, with limited volunteer numbers and mitigations in place that we have developed after consulting the Scottish Government guidance for public transport operators. We have developed a policy to be followed by leaders, drivers and volunteers on safely use of the bus during the coronavirus outbreak. In addition we have updated our guidance to volunteers and guidance to task leaders.

The situation is constantly changing and LCV will continue to update our guidance as Government advice changes. We hope to see you on task soon.