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COVID-19 outbreak: From 2021-08-09 all areas of Scotland have moved "beyond level 0" in the a strategic framework released on 2021-06-22. Most legal restrictions on our activities have ended and we have increased our minibus capacity to allow for more volunteers without their own transport to come on task.

Please look at the task list page to see the programme and the remaining requirements upon volunteers to help suppress the virus.

To aid social distancing, we encourage volunteers to meet us on site wherever possible. Our task programme will tell you where and when to meet for the task you have booked. Meeting us on site helps to maintain social distancing.

However, for volunteers who cannot meet us on site we have put in place a system to allow safe use of our minibu based on the guidance for public transport operators. The key features of our system are as follows:

  1. No passengers who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or who have recently (within 14 days) been in contact with a person with such symptoms are permitted on the bus. Please follow government advice and self-isolate at home.
  2. A maximum of 6 households on the bus. In most cases this means 6 people, but 7 is possible
  3. In line with Scottish regulations for public transport, we require all passengers in our minibus to wear a face covering, and we will be ensuring good ventilation throughout the journey. This is important in such a confined space, and with increasing passenger capacity. Any volunteer who is exempt from mask wearing on health grounds who wishes to travel in our bus must contact us in advance so that we can discuss how we can safely accommodate their needs.
  4. In accordance with advice in the First Minister's statement on 2021-11-23 we also encourage volunteers using the minibus to take a Lateral Flow Test before leaving home to board the bus.
  5. No eating or drinking is permitted while on board
  6. Passengers must sanitise their hands on entry and on exit from the bus
  7. Windows will be opened as far as practicable to improve ventilation
  8. Volunteers must only sit in designated seats and must sit in the same seat for both the outward and return journeys

Volunteers who are in a high-risk group, while very welcome, should consider carefully the risks they face (or may pose to other volunteers) before using the bus (and by attending tasks). If you require further information  our full policy on use of the minibus includes all the measures to be taken by leaders, drivers and volunteers.

For day tasks, if you are getting the bus we will usually meet on the north side of St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, at 9.30 a.m. sharp. If we are meeting in another location or time, you will be told after booking your place on the bus.

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

Look out for our white minibus.

Our minibus at St Andrew Square

Our minibus at St Andrew Square

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