More pub quiz success (well, nearly!)


So, it was a hardy bunch of souls who managed to stir themselves to trot along to the pub quiz only 24 hours after getting back from the resi.

After a struggle to find a table we managed to take over half a large one from a nice couple who'd presumably been hoping for a quiet evening. Despite using the two point head start voucher we picked up last time we failed to cover ourselves with glory in the first five rounds and were mired in mid-table going into the sixth. At this point we decided we didn't have much to lose, risked scoring a zero by filling in all five last round answers including one we weren't sure about, got them all right and jumped 20 points up the table into a glorious joint second place. Buoyed up by this success we put up our £2 to enter the money round and were in the running right up to the very last question which let us down. We got a good cheer though, from everyone else and were quite happy that we'd not embarrassed ourselves. If you'd like to join us next time for more trivia fun then the date to note is Monday 13th June.