Coordinator's Comments


Hello again,

As we enter a new LCV season, there have been a few changes. We have now achieved the necessary committee and full membership agreement to convert LCV to a SCIO and will be putting in our application very shortly, once a few small, remaining details are sorted out.

In addition we have some new faces on the committee! We are very happy to welcome Ian Mat Som as social organiser, a post which has been somewhat neglected for some time. Ian has put together a full and varied list of social events and we hope to see you all at at least one of them. We are also hoping to have a new Mucker Editor by the time we get to Issue 176.

Less happily, Sean Smith has had to stand down as Publicity Officer but has been replaced by Heili Nellis who has moved from the Fundraising post to carry on the good work Sean has been doing.

Louisa will be looking after Fundraising in the short term but if anyone is interested in taking on this role then please do get in touch.

And of course, as always, we would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might like to help out with driving our minibus! We can arrange for D1 training.