Legacy Update


As winter turns to spring, it's high time we gave you all a brief update on the progress we're making towards making good use of the money kindly left to us by Colin McLean.

Following the event we held in January 2014 we defined four categories of activity we'd like to put the money towards.

The first of these was the development of Murder Acre at Bawsinch. Under Ken Knowles' able guidance steady progress is being made towards fencing off this area and introducing a grazing regime. The money we have allocated for this will be sent to SWT very soon.

Secondly, thirdly and fourthly, we have money allocated to develop reserves, to fund tree related projects and to make small grants to groups wanting to undertake conservation work.

For these last three categories we have already picked the brains of SWT and are in the process of approaching a number of previous and potential future clients to identify projects we can contribute towards.

SWT have come up with a range of possible projects, mainly falling into at least two of our funding categories and all giving good scores on our assessment criteria.

We have already been able to complete one of these tasks for them with a highly enjoyable and productive residential trip to Carstramon Wood, which we think Colin would have thoroughly approved of.

Hopefully we will soon have news of more legacy tasks/awards near to everyone's hearts.