Coordinator's Comments


I ended my last set of Coordinator's comments with "Roll on spring!" - a phrase which now seems strangely inappropriate as within weeks of writing it I found that I was being sent to Malaysia by my employer. Here the weather is altogether warmer, though no drier, than is ever the case in Scotland.

Luckily there are plenty of people to keep things running without me just as smoothly as they ever run when I'm around (more so, probably) and so, although I'm a wee bit out of touch, I'm still able to report that LCV has had a successful quarter with the usual mix of tasks and social events.

The recent AGM saw some changes to the committee with Partha Lal and Rachael Taggart joining us to fill the posts vacated by Ian Dickson and Helen Jones. Many thanks go to Helen, Ian and the returning committee members for all their efforts. Welcome to Rachael and Partha.

The updated constitution that was promised last quarter has been delayed due to my temporary relocation. However, it will be something to look forward to later this year.

Another highlight will be the summer resi at Moine Mhor National Nature Reserve, one of LCV's favourite locations in Argyll. Places are filling up fast, so make sure to sign up soon if you want to join us there.