Coordinator's Comments


Despite a fairly benign winter we haven't proven wholly immune to cancellations this quarter, with three tasks having to be rearranged in January. However, due to impressive efforts by Matt - LCV's Tasks Officer - all were relocated and no volunteers had to be disappointed by a break in our programme. In fact, it's been a successful quarter all round for Matt as he also sailed through his minibus driving test just before Christmas.

In other news, LCV is saying (a hopefully temporary) 'goodbye' to Mark Herron who is heading off to work in Gibraltar for a year. His place as Tools Officer will be filled by Trevor Paterson.

Tasks remain popular. For example, our volunteers tallied a genuinely impressive total of forty-two work days on the Scone Palace New Year Resi, while cutting a great swathe through the invading rhododendrons.

We have also secured funding for - and have arranged - two tree-felling training days, and work is afoot to update our constitution this year. This is mainly to remove an upper age limit that we have never actually applied and which now falls foul of equality laws. It will also ensure that we have procedures in place for those rare - but serious - eventualities such as the disappearance of a Trustee.

Roll on spring!