The Editor writes...


It's getting chilly here at Mucker Central. I'm starting to wonder if all editors have to wear fingerless gloves to keep their hands warm, as no amount of furious typing seems to be helping mine. Neither do multiple high-speed revolutions in my Imposing Editorial Chair. So, instead, why don't I explain what's in store this quarter?

Well, there was no need for mittens at this year's ceilidh. Simon reminds us that there was sufficient birling, jigging, whooping and raffling to make for a fun evening for all. And Jackie's cheerful reminiscences about our weekend trip to Taynish will hopefully whet your appetite for our return visit there in March. On the recipe front, we have two puddings to choose from - either the healthy, fruity option of Nicola's sophisticated poached pears or the all-out calorie-fest that is Simon's Jaffa Cake Cake. What a conundrum...perhaps a spoonful of each?

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