Coordinator's Comments


Summer may have been late arriving this year, but it arrived in style for the summer resi at Scone Palace, contributing to a thoroughly successful week of rhodi bashing with a bit of random destruction thrown in for good measure. Day tasks have been running nicely as well with impressive turnouts for some of the historically quieter midsummer outings. Even if bad weather forced us to postpone a badger watching trip, socials have been successful with another good showing at the pub quiz and a most enjoyable festival trip. On the organisational front there's been progress on the website with a final colour scheme now in place and work afoot to get the members' mailing list sorted once and for all.

Unfortunately it hasn't been all good news with the death in July of one of LCV's most important founding members, Colin McLean. You can find memories of Colin in this year's Annual Review and on our website. At ninety-one, and following a life well and truly lived, there are many positive tales and it was great to see so many LCVers, both past and present, at his recent memorial service. There would seem to be no better way to keep Colin's memory alive than to get out there and keep doing what we do best!