Coordinator's Comments


You never can tell what spring in Scotland will bring and this year has been no exception, with snow showers at Alness contrasting - only a few weeks later - with T-shirt weather at Beecraigs.

Tasks have been busy and have included trips to three new sites: two woodland sites in East Lothian and one much further afield at Alness, north of Inverness, where a substantial native woodland planting project is underway. On the social side there has been another glorious victory for the pub quiz team, ignominious result in the music round notwithstanding.

We have been along to the event run by the Botanic Gardens for Biodiversity Week which was enjoyable, if rather quiet. Additionally, we have started to look at ways to keep tabs on our volunteer retention rate and the number of active leaders and drivers from year to year and to think about good ways to encourage new people to join the committee.

On that front, our AGM in May saw some changes. Ken Humphreys, one of our longest-standing committee members in roles including Co-ordinator, Social Organiser and - latterly - Tools Officer has stepped down. Many thanks are due for his valuable contributions over the years. We welcome Helen Jones and Nicola Robson as the new Social Organiser and Membership Secretary respectively.

And finally, our new website will go live any day now, so - with luck - you can admire it as you read this!