Coordinator's Comments


There are signs of spring from my window here today so - touch wood - perhaps we have made it through this winter without sub-sub zero temperatures, snow drifts and multiple cancelled tasks. This is not to say that the weather has been entirely cooperative. The storms of the third of January caused a delay in work at Scone Palace on the New Year Resi and forced the rangers of Beecraigs Country Park to postpone two tasks while they endeavoured to clear enough wind-blown trees from the many public footpaths to allow their re-opening and our safe access.

What else have we been up to? Well, Burn's Night was a highly successful event with nearly twenty people attending. David Nutter has been working hard creating LCV's new website. But don't panic! It should look very similar to the current website but with some improvements to the structure and navigation and, I'm told, much less work to do behind-the-scenes to keep it updated. Upcoming task bookings are healthy and I hope to see you on task soon. The next pub quiz is almost upon us too: let's see if we can recover that top spot this time.