OLD LCV Privacy Policy

COVID-19 outbreak: From 2021-08-09 all areas of Scotland have moved "beyond level 0" in the a strategic framework released on 2021-06-22. Most legal restrictions on our activities have ended and we have increased our minibus capacity to allow for more volunteers without their own transport to come on task.

Please look at the task list page to see the programme and the remaining requirements upon volunteers to help suppress the virus.


This is the pre-GDPR version of the privacy policy. You can read the latest version here

On this page:

If you have any questions about the way we use your details, or if you would like us to remove your details from our database, please contact us.

How we collect details from you

This is how we collect information that identifies you as an individual:

Name and Address.
If you have asked to be sent a copy of the Puggled Mucker, if you have given us your details on a Task Record Sheet, or if you have asked us to work for you, we may keep details of your name and address on our database.
Telephone Number.
If you have given us your telephone number at any time, we may keep it on our database.
E-mail Address.
If you have sent us an e-mail, we may keep your e-mail address on our database.
Internet Access Details.
If you have visited our web site, our server logs may will details of the computer you used to do it.
Website analytics
In addition to server-side logging we collect data using Google Analytics. All users of the site have the option to decline such data collection: this is implemented by storing a cookie on your computer which indicates you have declined analytics.

How we look after your details

We consolidate information that you give to the different Officers of LCV onto our computer database. This database is maintained on a single computer, and is not accessible to anyone other than the Co-ordinator and the Membership Secretary.

The contents of the database are printed to give contact lists and address labels. These are circulated to the Co-ordinator, the Transport Secretary, the Task Organiser, the Mucker Editor and the Membership Secretary. They will use this information to contact you for the reasons given below.

What we do with your details

We will use the information we get from you for the following purposes:

What we will not do with your details

We will never do any of the following with your details: