LCV How To...

For LCV to operate successfully we require more than just the skills used on our task. This section covers various things leaders, drivers and others might need to do. We hope it is useful. If there is a procedure that you feel would benefit from a "How-To" document, please contact

The Leader's Guide

Leading tasks
Things to think about when you are leading a task.
Leader's checklist
A short checklist for leaders of day tasks.
Risk assessments
Our risk assessments for a variety of tasks we undertake. Required reading for any leader.
Health hazards from conservation work
A guide to health hazards that may be encountered when performing conservation work.

Other guides and HOWTOs

The kettle
How to get the best out of our volcano kettle.
Catering for residentials
How much food to buy if you are catering manager for the weekend.
Driving duties
How we operate our minibus and undertake other driving duties on task.